Once upon a time there a girl named Lily. Lily was a sweetheart. She never believed in harming others, only motivating them. Now Lily believed in giving everyone chances and even forgiving all for the stuff that they do. However, A women name Angelica was a different story. Angelica didn’t believe in bullying. Her motto was that if you felt offended in any way, you’re just weak. Everything is all fun and games….until it’s not. Angelica and Lily have been going to school for Two years now. Lets see the average day for the two. Lily would have any other regular day where she comes to school smiling and happy. She speaks to everyone, does her work and tend to her own. Angelica is the type to get the same attention, except she gets there attention by threats and teasing the ones that surround them. It’s almost as if its clockwork. Every day in the same class, every time Lily speaks or talk, angelica coughs or sighs or sucks her teeth. Now any other time, she lets it go, however she is fed up. She goes and walks out and goes to the counselor. She tries speaking with her but she can’t get the words out. Her expression says it all, her demeanor. The counselor asks what’s wrong and she hints on the subject instead of speaking on it. The counselor looks at her and she sighs. She says unless she’s physically hurting you, my hands are tied. So the student walks out just to run into her. She smirks and laughs at her friends snickered with her. She’s never told anyone but she feels uncomfortable. She feels uncomfortable in her own skin. She feels unwanted more than needed. She feels like she was to have a panic attack every time she went through that. She rushed home and while Angelica went home to her loving and supportive family. Lily went home to her Verbally Abusive Mother who holds her job higher than her own Daughter. Her father was the one who kept them all together, however he died of cancer and that’s when the monster of her mother was created within. She tried sneaking up the stairs and her mother caught her. She screamed and she hollered as she threw plates and glass cups in any and every direction. People tend to forget that Lily has feelings and emotions just like the next person. She takes a shower, goes to sleep and wakes up smiling and crying. Her dream wasn’t just any dream. It was a dream of life without her mother and Angelica. She knew she could never kill them, so that only left her with another option. She wrote three letters. She knew everyone, yet no one really knew what she truly went through. She sent three letters to three people who impact the decision she was about to make. She slipped one in Angelica’s bookbag, while she was teasing and making taunts. Little did Angelica know that would be the last words she would ever get to say to her. She slipped into the counselor office during lunch. She slipped the letter in her briefcase, She went home and the last letter was to mother. None of the three had expected to find what they did in the letters. Each was a forgiveness note from Lilly for the misunderstanding, to the verbal abuse, to the intentional degrading. She went into her room. She cried as she looks around her room, one good last time. Then she goes in the bathroom. She grabs her painkillers and takes them one by one. The point isn’t to be messy or the even get attention. Her intentions was becoming forever untouchable.

History Repeats

They say love is like magic,

go ahead and grab it,

there’s a long waiting line for love.

They say love is all you need,

to fall right to your knees,

it keeps you up and above.

Well I don’t believe it,

Because I don’t see it.

I see anger, lies,

Hear screams and cries.

I was 15,

The day my momma died

My definition of love is pain and lies,

My definitions of love, is to become blind

My definition of love is a thin line,

of being dead or alive.

I’m 21 now,

And I don’t know how.

To love……

The way people should truly be.

Me and my boyfriend are all grown up,

But fear, is all i can see.

He reminds me of my daddy,

The way he use to scream.

I reminded of my mother,

Every time I go to sleep.

All I can see….is her and daddy,

She did something, said something to make him unhappy.

My mother had a pure heart,

Pure as gold, but my daddy was able, to break her soul.

My definition of love is pain and lies,

My definitions of love is to become blind

My definition of love is a thin line,

of being dead or alive.

Up above……

more like stood up and unloved.

Now before you try, to judge my words,

I’ve tried it all, but I wasn’t heard.

I hung up my heart.

You don’t need my reason,

It’s not the Time, place, or season.

I can’t explain the pain I see,

Not just for me, but through everything. Life isn’t always as it seems,

But maybe one day,

it will all be a dream.

My definition of love is pain and lies,

My definitions of love is to become blind

My definition of love is a fine line,

of being dead or alive.

It is my 23rd birthday now,

I have seen all my family,

They came to the cemetery,

They stopped by and seen me.

It is sad to say, at the end of the day

I now know the meaning of love.

Not from life’s point of view,

But now from up above.

Three weeks,

Three weeks before my birthday.

I took my last breath.

I died in the worst way.

By my boyfriend Tommy,

I thought I was in love.

Repeating daddy and mommy.

My definition of love is pain and lies,

My definitions of love is to become blind

My definition of love is a thin line,

of being dead or alive


An addiction is like a struggle, A habit and true

Because everyone can see it in fact, everyone but you.

A Little to sometimes too occasional, to all the time.

But to you it was just for fun, you can stop it at any time.

Clothes, drugs, money, maybe even shoes.

Don’t worry love, I have an addiction too.

Cause in reality, we all do.

Drinking, gamblings, fighting and all.

Everyone one time or another has to fall.

Feeling down in the dumps you tend to pick up bad habits

Eventually, even in glory, you have to just grab it.

For it was there when you were going through hell, helped you forget the pain.

Going shopping and gambling to sparking that paper again.

Having an addiction, is called that name for a reason.

Getting attached to it so closely, it’s not leaving at the end of the season.

How I see an addiction is everyone has one, they’re not committing treason.


Behind 3 Doors

Three is the magic number for me,

but one is all I can close.

you can argue and shout, yell and pout,

but the rule has already been choosing.

I am in a room with Multiple doors, 1 2 3

Behind each door is something frightening to me.

Door number three is really all eyes on me,

but of course just figuratively.

it stands tall and seems,

idk……a little lonely.

behind the door, I have friends and family,

I have it all

but why do I still feel so damn small.

They say money buys you happiness,

if it does, please confess.

I would rather have the warmth and love,

little and big hugs.

The feeling of belong

through speaking or song.

I rather have the little girl dream of owning a pony

but instead, all I get

is the feeling of lonely.

Door number two is blue and green and it always stands short but lean.

Be careful, because if you get to close,

You just might scream.

Shivers and chills

what you call horrors, I call feels.

I have a big Secret,

Pretty hard to swallow.

I try to always run and hide,

But my secret always follows.

I could say that it’s the only thing about me

That doesn’t come off loud.

October 10, 2014, I almost took my final bow.

However, by the Grace of God, I’m doing a lot better now.

Door Number one is yet the most fun,

and as in fun I mean run.

this door does not stand at all as tall or short

but more in the middle.

and each time I look at it,

I can’t help but to fiddle.

opening this door is more frightening to me

than the 2 doors before.

that’s because I have already seen,

but with this one, never before.

they say the worst thing to do in life

is forgotten your core beliefs.

with the values, that you shout proud,

would you still be complete?

I hope to never lose myself,

dear godi would be upset.

it when we start to lose ourselves, that we tend to forget.

17 years of learning and hurting but it has been very fun,

as of 2017, i’ll be in the final run.

now you see my biggest fears, right on the paper before,

but I rather scream and shout than open up this door.

loneliness, forgetting who I am and Suicide……

you might say I’m crazy for admitting

but I call it pride.



(Scene One)

(Scene sets with everyone sitting in their seats and the plane is starting up. All five characters are in their seat, but they don’t realize who’s exactly on the plane. They are all with their boyfriend and girlfriend and are excited to go to Florida on the cruise they ‘don’t realize was a rigged movement. All I can say is what goes around, comes right back)

(It’s 3 pm In the afternoon)

(Five main characters are Jordin, Gabriella, Shane, Dylan, Lexi)

(First shot cuts to Lexi and her boyfriend)

“I’m so ready for this, I need a cruise,” she says to her boyfriend and he just smiles.

“I think we’re the luckiest people ever,” he says and kisses her.

“Hello folks, I’m your captain frank and I will like to thank you for flying with Southwest. Would you please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your flight on plane 785” the pilot says over the walkie and they fly off. Once they’re in the sky everything is all dandy fine and everyone goes to sleep.

(We then go to Jordan and his girlfriend, who wake up frantically when the pilot starts going into panic mode. Everyone wakes up while the pilot speaks)

“Hello, folks. No reason to be alarmed we are just traveling through a rough rainstorm where there are multiple hurricanes. I ask that you all stay seated and we should be through it all in an hour” the pilot says and then they all hear a scream.

(The camera is directed on Shane and he has a knife in his chest) his girlfriend screams and that’s when all four of the remaining look around to see who they despise the most in the world)

“What the hell, this isn’t funny Shane, wake up” Jordin screams while shaking him only for him to fall to the ground. Lexi runs over to Shane and feel for a pulse but doesn’t find one.

“He’s not joking,” she says and everyone getting chills and is creeped out.

“OVER HERE” some random person yells out. They all run to her voice and see in the next section of the plane blood on the wall on the right side.



Everyone looks at everyone as guilty and they all just frown at each other. They go back to the first section and they all fall as the plane have trouble flying. They look to see Shane is gone.

“This is so sick. 4 people are going to die and for what. What does this creep want” Lexi says pissed off?

“Lexi calms down, we have to think about our advantages but downfalls. Now a pro is there are 1278 people on the plane. A con is we have no clue what this person looks like or act. A pro is we all know each other well enough to help out on each other weak phony. A con is this man could be a com…….”

“Gabby shut up alright. What is the statistical chance of us being targeted” Dylan says rudely?

“Chances of us all dying are under one percent in theory but one of us…. I say under two percent” Gabby says and Dylan just scoffs at her.

“Alright you two fighting isn’t going to help anyone, we need to find this woman or man and kill him before he kills us,” Jordin says before the lights go out.

(They all run to the front of the airplane to find the pilot and copilot slouched over the board. The pilot has a note in his back from a knife)


(Next scene)

(It’s 3:28 pm and everyone is on their toes. They have all splitter up in different sections of the plane in seek of a person who can fly the plane. They find a pilot in first class and he immediately is the savior. Dylan situates him in the seat before hearing a scream.

“What’s up,” he says as he runs into the second section of the plane to find Jordin dead and a hole in his throat. ( Gabrielle screams her head off as everyone is exiting the section) there is a note on his seat.


(they all look around and Jordin realize that

they’re the ones targeted) “We need to get to the ground fast, we need to leave this plane in the next 30 minutes,” Jordin says and starts to panic as the other frown.

“Get your asses up and let’s go,” he says motioning to the pilot booth. They all still stay there and frown.

“Someone is targeting us. First Shane now Dylan, do you want to wait to see if your next” Jordin says annoyed and they start running. Lex tries to open up the door but it won’t budge. When they finally open it, they find a bloody note on the window of the plane.


(next Scene)

They wait and they watch the time as there thirty minutes is up. The lights go out and the plane shakes as they hear two gut-wrenching screams. The stay off for a good 3 minutes before it’s just Jordin standing there and he frowns. He runs around looking for them and sees Lexi with her chest out of her heart. He frowns and looks at the Note.


Jordin then looks around and continue to search for grabby. He goes into the bathroom and just start to hyperventilate. He washes his face and looks up to see a sticky note.


He looks high and low throughout the plane for her and the last option to find Gabrielle is in the underbelly. He goes into the underbelly and sees gabby laying on a luggage bag next to liquor and a note. Jordin picks up the note and reads it.



Jordin gets out of there and quickly runs to the bathroom. He starts to choke again at the realization that all his friends are dead. He looks up to see another note and open it.


(He immediately drops the note at the realization and he loses his breath as a metal pipe slowly gets lodged into him from his back. He barely breaths as he looks down to see it. As he tries to pull the object out of his chest, Shane appears in front of him with a smile and winks at him. His body instantly drops and Shane walks to the front of the plane and wake up the “dead” pilots and tell them it’s time to go party. He sits down next to an older lady and she just smiles at him)

“Florida is beautiful, your first time,” she asks.

“Yes, I heard the weather is beautiful”

Deaths Perspective

Stewardess Sam,

I have a story like no other,

The one your not suppose to tell,

The Shadow undercover.

Now people like to judge me,

Tell me how I enjoy what I do.

But at the end of of-of the day,

I have feelings just like you.

Let me tell you about my day,

Exactly how it went.

Then you’ll understand my pain,

It’s not something I can repent.

My best friend is Time

He Tells me who to see,

One day you can be up and at’em,

The next day, you’re with me.

Yesterday I visited some people.

Too many for me to count,

Over almost 55.3 million,

But three of them stuck out.

Time gave me a job,

The night before.

Old, young, even the poor.

‘’Before dawn breaks the night,

Sweep in as planned

Speak to the old man,

Give him a chilled fright’

You have to understand,

Stewardess Sam

Life is not on my side,

I’ve been dealt a bad hand.

I Did what I was told,

No questions asked,

Time is the dictator.

of the future and past.

Time told me to travel

To Paris by noon

Little Ricky time would be up soon,

He was laying down, kind of watching TV.

And I just glanced at him sadly.

You see, his mother didn’t know,

The symptoms weren’t easy to see

But Ricky mom has passed on her HIV.

I crept in the dark and watch him sleeping,

Look away as he has trouble breathing.

An angel flew in and spoke in an angry tone.

“You have no right, leave him alone”

“I wish I could, I really do,

But everyone has an expiration date, unlike me and you”

“he’s just a kid, I’ll watch over him”

“Too late now, his chances were already slim”

“Why are you always around, like a rotten tooth”

“Because life is a beautiful lie, while I’m the brutal truth”

I watch the boy,

take his last breath,

The angel smiles sadly,

as this is his final rest.

Time shows up again,

He looks at me with sympathy,

“I know my friend, where looked at as enemies,

But life tends to forget, that this is permanent”

“ go to the doc, where the poverty isn’t well,

A Lot of them are weak, However, only time will tell.

There’s a woman hiding down there, she sleeps and eats in fear,

For she knows her time is near”

I went to the Doc, dressed in Disguise.

I can hear the cries of pain, hurt and lies.

I spot the young woman and see the angel.

I grit my teeth and speak in anger.

“You can’t save everyone in need, it is not Possible,

no matter how much we wished it to be”

“I have watched you today take all lives you walk near,

wherever you go, you bring pain and tears.”

“I don’t care what you say, what is done has to be done,

What you see as a loss, I don’t see a won.

You love to point fingers and yell at me,

I truly think you swear where enemies.

I take life’s, not because I choose, its because I have a job a to do.

You were so worried about me, my deadly sin

You could’ve up and save her, my friend”

He frowns and turns to see the women d scared and forgot,

He tries walking up towards her, before hearing three shots.

He looks at me and frowns in disgust.

“Death, you are an enemy and no friend of mine, stay in your place, or I’ll be the one to cross the line”

He fly’s away and Time calls me to his side.

“One last stop, I know your day has been one hell of a ride. Flight 47 at 6 am, takes off with a certain jam. The pistons are shot, the engine is blown, one last job and then you can go home.

So now you see Sam, while I’m on this plane. Your an amazing flight attendant really, but Life is a losing game.